Why Tooth Straightening?

We strive for patients to feel and look their best, and treatments to straighten teeth are one of our most popular cosmetic requests. With an average treatment time of 6 months, don’t let your teeth become a barrier to your confidence. We offer a variety of solutions for straightening teeth; please see below for the techniques and systems we can use.

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What are the types of tooth straightening solutions we offer?

Read more about each of these tooth straightening options in the sections below.

Quick Straight Teeth:

Clear Tray Aligners

This system uses a series of removable clear trays to gently move teeth, and they are suitable when the crossing or overlapping of teeth is not too severe. The tray is changed each week and has to be worn constantly, other than when eating and cleaning. They are nigh on invisible when fitted in the mouth.

If the crossing of your teeth is more severe, then a fixed brace is often much quicker and will achieve a much better aesthetic result compared to these clear tray aligners.

White Fixed Braces

These are white and clear braces which are fixed to the front of your teeth in the traditional way. They are very discreet, and patients choose these if they are not so concerned about something being visible. They are generally easier to fit and maintain throughout the course of treatment, compared to the incognito brace.

 When seeing you for your free consultation, we will discuss the different options with you and help you to come to a decision about which system would suit you best.


Invisible/Incognito Fixed Braces:

These are more traditional fixed metal braces, but they are fitted to the inside of your teeth so they are completely invisible. Very few general practices offer this kind of brace. This is the most discreet brace we offer, and more and more patients are becoming aware of the system.

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