A dental hygienist is a registered dental professional

They are a trained member of the team at East Leigh Dental Care who work alongside the dentist to help provide the best possible dental care. They have been trained specifically in the treatment of oral health.

It is very important to maintain excellent dental hygiene from a very early age. When you have a dental health check we will give you guidance how often you should be visiting our dental hygienists to maintain excellent oral health.  Regular visits can prevent dental problems becoming painful and long lasting.

We have three experienced dental hygienists at East Leigh Dental Care (situated between Bradford and Leeds) they are there to help you with any issues or questions you may have about maintaining good oral hygiene. We are a preventive based dental care practice and believe having cleaner, plaque free teeth means less dental treatment in the future. Most patients join one of our dental plans and see the dental hygienists every 3 months.

We have appointments free every day. Our dental hygienists are happy to see patients who are not registered at the practice for hygiene appointments only.

That’s right, you don’t have to be a regular patient to see one of our dental hygienists!

If you are looking for an experienced dental hygienist near Bradford, Horsforth or Leeds then East Leigh Dental Care is the answer. We make sure all our patients are comfortable and have a first class experience.


Hygienist appointment (standard): £52.50
Hygienist appointment (extended): £78.75