Healthier gums will mean a healthier you! 

In order to keep your gums healthy we believe in regular visits to a dental hygienist, who will:

  • Assess gum condition;
  • Carry out routine scaling and polishing;
  • Give oral hygiene advice and recommend cleaning products;
  • Carry out deep scaling and root planing;
  • Monitor your progress and modify treatment plans.

If your gums bleed every time you brush your teeth, you need to seek professional advice.

Gum disease is a very common problem and almost everyone suffers from it to some degree. The earliest sign of gum disease is mild bleeding on tooth brushing. In the late stages of gum disease known as Periodontal disease, teeth are lost, abscesses appear and considerable pain can result.

Gum disease is caused by your body's reaction to the bacteria in plaque. As the disease progresses the bone supporting the teeth are lost. This bone loss leads to 'pockets' forming around the tooth root. These pockets can become infected with bacteria and can lead to pain, swelling and tooth loss. Once pockets have formed the calculus or (tartar) found there can only be removed by a professional Dental Hygienist or Therapist.

The good news is Gum disease is preventable and the progression of Periodontal disease can be halted.

Periodontal disease is completely preventable. By attending the hygienist regularly you can, with their help, keep your gums healthy and retain your teeth for life. As well as preventing gum disease regular hygiene visits will help prevent dental decay and reduce the number of fillings you are likely to need. Attending the hygienist is important on so many levels we recommend you attend for routine cleaning at least every six months.

Hundreds of our patients have routine hygiene appointments every three months as part of their payment plan in order to maintain their gum health. If you ask these patients they will tell you they value this service very highly and wouldn’t go without it. If you have any questions about what to expect from the hygienist appointments you only have to ask any member of staff.


We can restore badly broken down teeth but cannot replace gums affected by periodontal disease. Often the only course of action is extraction of the loose teeth. Teeth really are for life. Don’t be like Fido and realise too late you could have saved them (poor Fido!!). Remember dentures are instead of nothing they are not instead of teeth.Healthier gums will mean a healthier you! 

Our aim is that you will value your hygienist appointments as highly as we and the rest of our patients do.