Dentures come in many shapes and forms

They can be the simple single tooth denture replacing the tooth knocked out at rugby or the full dentures replacing your natural teeth when all your teeth have been removed for whatever reason.

Whatever the size of denture, for whatever reason regardless of the materials used, East Leigh Dental Care will work along with our technical colleagues to give you the best in materials and service.

Materials come in different qualities ranging from basic plastics to high impact plastics that can be hit with a hammer and not break!

As the paying patient you will be given the choice of materials which are then reflected in the price of your denture.

East Leigh can supply all types of dentures, keeping to what you are happy with but at the same time letting you know of newer materials on the market. We can set the new teeth in the same position or we can reposition them to give better aesthetics and some times make you look younger.

Your dentist will discuss this at your appointment and advise you to bring partners or friends along to look at your new teeth while they are set in wax, you are also welcome to bring along photos or pictures of how you used to look.

Ideally if you have dentures we would recommend that you have your mouth checked every year, where we will examine your mouth and the soft tissues and review your denture. We check for mouth cancers at the same time.

Where new dentures are required or recommended we can:

  • Copy the shape and position of the teeth on the dentures to keep your existing look but taking into account the need to adjust for the wear and tear of the old teeth.
  • Change the position of your teeth and at the same time give a more youthful look and smile transformation through repositioning the teeth and using a different shape and shade of tooth… our equivalent of a dental face lift.
  •  We can maintain a more natural smile or give you more of a "Hollywood" smile … the choice is yours.
  • At your initial consultation we will talk you through your needs and wants and treatments which we feel you may benefit from.