A white smile is a beautiful thing!

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice and this helps to create an excellent first impression. Many people like to boost their confidence by whitening their teeth


How effective is our teeth whitening procedure?

We guarantee to get your teeth at least 3 shades whiter or we give you your money back. In over 10 years we have not had to issue a refund to a single patient!

Which technique do you use for teeth whitening?

There are many techniques used in teeth whitening. At East Leigh Dental Care we have opted to not use in surgery "laser" treatment (which requires a period of home whitening). Instead we use a home bleaching system.

The system uses bespoke trays. Once you have whitened your teeth you can maintain the colour on your own by using the trays whenever your smile needs “topping up”. It is very simple and cost effective compared with the laser technique. You simply whiten your teeth whilst you sleep

Why is the bleaching technique better than other whitening techniques?

The advantage to our patients is that home whitening is around half the price of laser whitening.  It is more controllable and is easy and inexpensive to maintain. We have lots of happy patients who have used this technique of teeth whitening in Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding areas.

Is whitening safe and pain free?

Yes, this procedure is safe and pain free. Some people might experience sensitivity issues whilst drinking very cold or hot drinks. We have options available to reduce the impact of sensitivity.

How long does the tooth whitening treatment take in your clinic?

You will need an appointment to take moulds of your teeth. We see you a week later to fit the bleaching trays. At this appointment we give you the whitening kit and full instructions. You wear the bleaching trays at night and we then see you again to check progress. In most cases you will arrive at the shade you wanted in under 6 weeks