Crowns are often needed when teeth break down

Crowns can be fitted in just one hour.....

Many teeth are very heavily filled after years of treatment. Root canal treatments also significantly weaken teeth. At this point it is a good idea to consider protective crowns or inlays, to ensure the longevity of a tooth. Often broken teeth need to be removed, so it is better to protect them preventatively if possible. 

In order to fit a crown (cap) or inlay (partial cap) we will first prepare your tooth to a suitable shape for the crown to fit over. In years gone by a laboratory would take 1-2 weeks to fabricate the crown, at which point the patient then returns to have it fitted.

However, we now have 3D scanning technology which scans images of the tooth. The crown is then milled out of a block of ceramic and we can fit it immediately. No moulds (impressions), or temporary crowns!


Crowns can be used to repair a single tooth and also to improve a whole smile