Clear braces as the name suggests are a totally clear very thin mouth guard device that have to be specifically made for each patient. Used instead of metal braces they are an alternative way to straighten teeth and are be very successful.

We know how important a beautiful smile is to our patients. Your smile should be as natural as possible even during your teeth straightening treatment. Traditional metal braces detract from the natural beauty of your smile and can make the simple things like regular brushing and flossing less effective and can cause discomfort from sharp brackets and wires. These problems are eliminated with clear braces.

We have many years experience supplying customised clear braces to patients in Leeds, Bradford, and Farsley.

Clear braces can be used in cosmetic dentistry to correct and treat all kinds of crooked teeth problems, such as overbites, crowding, crossbites and gaps between teeth. However there may be some situations where they may not be suitable. Your dentist will be happy to advise you on this at your initial, completely consultation. Generally speaking, if your teeth require a lot of movement or you require a number of teeth to be extracted then clear braces will probably not be your best option. In this case it would be better  to refer you to an orthodontic specialist who would advise you of the options available to treat your teeth.

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